"H φανταστική ελπίδα μπορεί ν' αρπάξει το ίδιο γερά έναν άνθρωπο όσο κι η πραγματικότητα"

"Charles Dickens"

Σάββατο, 8 Ιανουαρίου 2011

The Grass of God's Garden

I saw bouquets of fresh roses
Tied upon a cupola of grass.
I asked: "What is despicable grass
To sit also in the line of the roses?"

The grass wept and said: "Hush!
Companionship does not obliterate nobility.
Although I have no beauty, color, and perfume,
Am I not after all the grass of God's garden?"

by: Saadi (c. 1213-1291)
translated by Edward S. Holden

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